Select Projects


“The Real Housewives of Dallas” gives an exclusive look into the glamorous galas, scintillating scandals and enormous egos of this quintet of women as they navigate the social scene of the city’s elite, all while juggling their husbands, boyfriends and families. Pedigree and status may grant an automatic invite to the most exclusive gatherings in town, but one misstep could send anyone to the blacklist. Pecking orders and relationships are at stake when old-money meets new-money meets no-money, and these ladies soon realize who will survive the twists and turns, and who will be left in the dust to lick their wounds.



In each episode of After Hours, host Carrie Keagan takes Bravo stars out for a night on the town to see how our favorite Bravolebrities get down after hours. And let’s be honest - everyone knows that the real you comes out after a drink or two… or five! This is all about finding out who these Bravolebrities are when the glare of the big lights dips into the horizon as the sun goes down and the party gets “turnt" up!



On The Singles Project, viewers are taken along for the ride as a group of Manhattanites search for love. The Singles Project is the first real-time dating docuseries in the U.S. Viewers are able to help the singles overcome their hang-ups, manage their expectations, and broaden their dating horizons through direct social media communication with the cast. Each episode is shot and aired in the same week making this show about as live as you can get! 



Millions of dollars and massive egos are constantly on the line as Bravo gives viewers an unprecedented look into the exclusive and affluent world of high-end interior designers in Million Dollar Decorators. The network’s latest docu-series follows five of the most sought-after interior decorators as they navigate the high-pressured design industry for their wealthy, famous, and extremely demanding clients. 



Every year, more than 1,500 kids from 54 countries descend on the world famous Pinehurst Golf Course in North Carolina
to determine the next World Champion.

The Short Game is a ten part documentary series that focuses on 8 of the greatest 7
and 8 year-old golfers in America and their “Daddy Caddies” as they navigate school, family life, and the series of tournaments
that lead up to the ultimate test of skill and dedication – the World Championship of Junior Golf.



The devil’s in the details! The multi-billion dollar accessories business is brought into the spotlight with Lifetime’s new competition series, Project Accessory, hosted by actress and model Molly Sims. With the help of lifestyle expert Eva Jeanabart-Lorenzotti as their mentor, 12 enterprising artists will be put to the test to create the newest and hottest trends in accessories as they compete to dazzle Sims and judges designer Kenneth Cole and InStyle Editor, Ariel Foxman.



Designing duo Austin Scarlett and Santino Rice travel the country, looking for small-town women who are marking milestones like a special birthday, anniversary or graduation. Once they have a subject, they use their fashion skills to transform the woman's look and make her fashion dreams come true, just in time for the big event.



Million Dollar Closets provides a dramatic and exciting look inside the world of LA’s hottest super-high end closet designer- Lisa Adams. Follow Lisa as she transforms disorganized, cluttered, and poorly designed closets into magnificent spaces that rival the average apartment.

In this premiere one hour special, Lisa takes on clients Kris, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, and Whitney Port.



Money. Sex. Marriage. Mortality. In each episode, data scientist Jake Porway tackles one of life's most daunting topics revealing the surprising science behind them. From mind-bending stats, hilarious man on the street experiments, and interactive game play, this show delivers the answers to life's mysteries and gives you the tools to help take charge of your destiny and change your life forever.



Ned Bruha Skunk Whisperer takes a hilarious look inside the unpredictable world of wildlife control in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ned is part Ace Ventura, part GI Joe, and all Oklahoman! A man of “many” rules, Ned has one policy - “No trapping and no killing” (okay that’s two policies technically). While this may be good for the animals it presents challenges for the Skunk Whisperer team.